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    Talent is the core "asset" of Zhiboxin, providing employees with a comfortable working environment, competitive salary and benefits, a broad career development platform and professional career development planning, helping them achieve the greatest work-life balance. Social value is the purpose of our selection, retention and employment.
    Occupational Health & Safety
    Consider the environment, health and safety as the premise of production and business activities, and create a comfortable, safe and healthy working environment for employees.
    Employee Rights Protection
    Attach importance to human rights, oppose any form of discrimination, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of employees, share the achievements of corporate development with employees, provide a competitive salary system and welfare policies, and protect the rights and interests of employees in all aspects.
    Training & Development
    Provide employees with a broad career development platform, provide transparent promotion and development channels and systematic training plans.
    Happiness Building
    Pay attention to employees' mental health and spiritual wealth, encourage employees to achieve a balance between work and life, and take the building of happiness as an important part of corporate culture construction, so as to build a happy home for employees' souls.
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